Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's ALL "HIV" anyway

Hi Friends,

I just wanted to share with you another quick update.
I saw my surgeon a few days ago and upon examination, he stated that the ulcer has shrunk down from the size of quarter to the size of a nickle. We are making progress. I attribute this to the hyperbaric chamber therapy. While it's still incredibly painful, and I still cannot sit, I suppose things are getting better.
It's been a really long and difficult road, and so much more of my life has been robbed from me in the past 4 1/2 months. Not only has my entire life ceased to function, but I've missed many events, including my 20th anniversary, Thanksgiving, and most likely Christmas this week.

Last week I had to go in for blood transfusions. I needed 4 units of blood, because these "doctors" have just let me bleed nearly to death the past few months. I'm still bleeding sporadically. When I asked the surgeon what else can be done, his reply was..."you'll just have to learn to live with the pain, bleeding and drainage. It's ALL "HIV" anyway."
What an ass. If it were his wife, I don't think think that answer would have been nearly as acceptable.
I've never dealth with so many completely ignorant people in my entire life as in the past few months.

Luckily, I do have a local doctor here who has helped me tremendously. I don't know what I'd do without his expertise and guidance. 

All for now. Many blessings to all the truth fighters out there.
And please, don't write me askiing if I think you should take these "life-saving" drugs or not.

Merry Christmas,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

And why I do what I do!

I received this letter from an on-line Facebook friend this morning. I thought it was well worth printing here, because of the importance of it.
I'm sure either many of you have received letters like this before, or had people at least thinking this way of you. You are all such heores in this great battle for truth.
ALL KINDS of truth!!
Please continue to be bold, share, and keep doing what each on of you is called to do. Make sure to read the very last paragraph.

I know you have a lot going on right now and I sincerely hope you are doing well. I've been trying to keep up with your blogs- hope that the chamber will work for you soon- two hours in a tube sounds good to me on crazy busy days but I know in reality it must be tough.

Anyways, I am just wanting to say THANK YOU.

My husband has recently had a health scare and we had to spend a few days in the hospital undergoing some rather scary tests etc. He's still out of work and still in the "undiagnosed" stages but we are hopeful it isn't serious.

The fact is... before knowing your story I wouldn't have thought twice about questioning anything that the dr's or nurses wanted to give him or do to him. I'd have let them hook up IV's and give him injections under the assumption that "dr knows best".

Instead- I questioned everything (shocking how you ask "What is in that IV and what is it for?" and the nurse says, "uhhh ummm... I don't know.") I didn't allow them to do any tests until I RESEARCHED THEM myself. I sent them away when they tried to give him blood thinners, stool softeners, and the "I don't know" fluids. I even felt educated, confident, and bold enough to tell a doctor off in front of the entire cardiac wing and the nurses station. LoL

She wanted to drug my husband into cooperation... I told her she better have enough shots for herself and me too because it was about to get UGLY. ROFL Cracked the nurses up!

I really do want to thank you for sharing your story and all the links about the corruption not just in the world of "hiv" but in several areas of the health care industry.

I was just another trusting sheep for so many years... thanks to your willingness to share you story and your advocating for what is "true" so many things have changed for me.

We are also trying to implement more "healthy" eating - slow going as we have been doing it wrong for soooo long- but I appreciate your sending me all the right links to get me started at least. =)

I truly believe that at one point your story helped save my husbands life- because when they came in with the blood thinner they planned to also give him aspirin- which he is allergic to! Had I just sat back compliantly and asked nothing- he might not be here now.

So, again, thank you. Sorry for rambling so long- I am just very, very appreciative.

Best wishes to you and your family and I pray for your recovery and for strength to continue those two-hour-tube treatments!
I am not sure if you were ever one to make up stories as a kid- but since you can't read a book maybe you could "write" one in your head while you lay there? =) 

Thanks so much Karri and Blessings Always!

PS- today at the new dr he underwent more blood work- upon being asked if he'd been tested for HIV and would he consent to one - we both yelled "NO!" and the dr smiled and said, "Why not?" and I began explaining all I've learned about the "hoax" ... he actually winked and said "You are a smart cookie." I think we are going to like him very much! LoL

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy World AID$$$$$$$ Fraud Day!

So, I'm just sitting here this morning thinking about the size of corruption and fraud that has been thrust upon the world over the past 25+ years in all that is "HIV". This little column today is dedicated to all of those that have lost their lives to the evil, wicked AID$ indu$try and have been poisoned to death by their "life-saving" drugs.
So, so many lives. Wasted. Murdered. All in the name of money$. Power. Prestige.
My heart is sad today for so many whose lives were cut short, all in the name of Gallo, Fauci, Moore, and the likes.
I'm not sure what must happen to a person to grow up and become like these men. Heartless. Cruel.
Fortunately, with the Internet and the massive amounts of information exchange these days, people are becoming aware of this fraud. Lives ARE being saved.

I'm thinking of other world-wide frauds that have been thrust upon the people over the years. Anyone care to comment on other atrocities and how long they lasted?

I am a firm believer that lies can only go on for so long.
Some of the people are ignorant all of the time, but not everyone is ignorant forever.
With so much excellent and damming information that can be easily accessed surrounding the junkscience about "HIV", the world IS waking up.

So today, in honor of the AID$ indu$trys most sickening day of the year, if you happen to pass by a booth or testing facility, I would enocurage each one of you to speak up, challenge them, and demand they be held accountable.
Unfortunately, most of the people working these events have NO IDEA of the real science surrounding their pet project.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Real Mental Challenge

Hi Friends,

I've been wanting to post an update on my situation, but I haven't really had any major changes to report yet.
So far, I've had 21 HBOT (hyperbaric) treatments and I've got to tell you, that this is one of the hardest mental challenges I've ever had to go through. Yes, the chamber is clear, so I can see out of it. Yes, I can watch T.V. or movies, but to lay inside this small capsule for 2 hours every single day, day after day after day.........well, it's overwhelming to say the least. No, I can't bring  a book in.
You'd think the longer I'm doing it, the more accustom to it I'd get. No, not really. I'm finding it harder and harder to gear myself up for it each day.
Now don't get me  wrong, this treatment is phenomenal. I've read many studies on HBOT and talked a lot with the doc's and tech's that run the center. And other patients too. They've had great success in using HBOT on many types of wounds. I've even been told of a number of other patients with wounds such as mine who've healed nicely with HBOT. Apparently, the first 20 treatments one doesn't see major changes, but the second set of 20-30 is where the big improvements come in.  Mine is an incredibly difficult area to heal. But I would say I'm about 10-15% better (on most days).

I'm continuing on with my other therapies as well. I.V. Vit C and glutathione plus UVBI - Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation therapy. My doctor and I are also discussing other treatments that have been shown to help repair michochondrial/cellular/DNA/organ damage.

Hey, here's one way to prevent massive amounts of damage to your system: STAY OFF "HIV" drugs.
The problems I've suffered physically, mostly G.I. tract damage, are directly related to 11 yrs of cytotoxic, poisonous, DNA-chain destroying drugs used against the mythical "HIV". The best way to avoid this is to stay away from mainstream doctors, especially infectious disease doctors. These people are completely ignorant of the science (or lack there of) surrounding anything "HIV" related. They will make every attempt to terrorize you, instill fear, use the most unbelievable intimidation tactics you've ever heard to make you submit. Believe me, my recent experience at an Orlando hospital would be enough to think that you were in a freaky sci-fi movie. I will write more in depth of my experiences in that hospital someday. You would be shocked to hear some of the statements that were made by the "doctors" there. Or maybe not.

There is no reason one would ever need to take drugs like these. If you are in poor health, or struggling with bacterial/fungal/microbial issues, find out why and treat it accordingly. Please consider very carefully before you willingly, or under great duress from fear and terror, put poison into your body.
And PLEASE don't listen to these quacks when they try to tell you that "all drugs have side effects". Yes, that's true. And sometimes side effects might be justified if you have a REAL infection that must be addressed.
"HIV" is NOT one of them.
Please, please, please, do your homework. Do your own due dilignece. My mission is to someday never hear another story about people like me. About people like many of you. We are survivors for a reason. It's to make a change. It's to help save lives.
Sometimes that requires being really open and honest about one's personal medical situation. I will continue to tell you everything I can about my experiences. And in turn, I pray that others will continue to question this false paradigm, do their own research, and be strong enough to make the right decisions for their personal health and well being.

Be Blessed!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week One

No major changes yet. Just finished 5 days of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Everyone has very high hopes for that treatment, but it just takes time. Most likely 30-40 dives. Insurance is still giving us a hard time about paying.
All of the studies on it are amazing though.
I've read a good bit now about rectal ulcers and abscesses in the G.I. tract. (most of the studies are on patients that are not considered "HIV positive"). They all have extremely difficult times healing due to the fact that it's a "dirty" area. But, the ones that have hyperbaric treatment have had the most success in healing. 

Still in a lot of pain. My doc says that my body is incredibly strong with no major immune problems if it is able to create fevers and immune responses for this long.
Here's a little more information on Hyperbarics if anyone is interested:

My only advice to anyone newly "diagnosed" as positive on one of these extremely fraudulent "HIV" antibody tests:
Think very long and hard before you succumb to any of these cytotoxic, black-box drugs that will ultimately destroy you and all of your body systems.
Even though the large majority of the time I usually feel very good and lead a very active and busy life, my G.I.tract has most likely suffered irreparable damage from 11 years of chemotherapy. My only problems today are a result of those drugs.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sticks and Stones

I have met, and spent time with, Nancy Banks in Vienna this past summer. I must say that she is a class act.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The "HIV" Innocence Project

Get educated. Get informed. You, or someone you love, could be next.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
The following should address you apparent confusion surrounding ARV'S:

Anonymous: Or are you saying antriretrovirals are chemo? Because they are not. 

When people hear chemotherapy they generally think of cancer. But antibiotics are also chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is simply the treatment of disease with chemicals.

Antiretrovirals are indeed chemotherapy. In fact, there were 6 Gordon Research Conferences titled: Chemotherapy of AIDS.  You can find them at:

You can find a report that was written on the 1997 conference on the Chemotherapy of AIDS here:

and the 1999 conference here:

AZT, the quintessential ARV, was developed in the 1960s as cancer chemotherapy to kill human cancer cells. AZT is even used today to treat a variety of human cancers by non-specifically killing cells.

Anonymous: ARVs are highly specific meds. Each class targets specific enzymes that HIV requires to replicate. They do not indiscriminately kill other cells. 

The most obvious proof that the ARVs are not specific is the broad and general toxicities of these drugs, most prominently listed in the black box warning labels that accompany them. The DNA chain terminating nucleoside analogs have been shown to be incorporated into human DNA with the aid of a series of human enzymes. The HIV protease inhibitors are known to inhibit certain human aspartyl proteases and some cytochrome p450 enzymes in the liver.

The ARVs reliably kill the dividing cells in the bone marrow and intestines. You can find an extensive list of toxic effects of the ARVS here:

and here:

Anonymous: ARVs and chemo drugs are not even close pharmacologically. 

It is not possible to address this statement since it implies there is a typical or uniform or characteristic pharmacology of chemotherapy, which is clearly false.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ARV's = chemotherapy

Very interesting paper:

"Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, whilst highly effective in the treatment of neoplasia, can also cause damage to healthy tissue. In particular, the alimentary tract may be badly affected. Severe inflammation, lesioning and ulceration can occur."

"Th disruption or loss of rapidly dividing epithelial progenitor cells is a trigger for the onset of the disorder." 

"Severe inflammation, lesioning, ulceration and bleeding can occur in the mouth, esophagus, and intestine."

"...ability to absorb nutrients much reduced..."

Hummmm, I wonder what 11 years of chemo-compound drugs will do to the intestinal tract? These were short term results done on cancer patients.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Surgery is scheduled for next week.
Thank you for all of your continued support and prayers!

Karri Stokely video update 9-28-10

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"You won't take the DRUGS?!!!"

"Why won't you take the drugs?"
"The drugs will boost your immunity and make you well."
"What do you mean you 'refuse' the drugs?"
"Oh, but the benefits GREATLY outweigh the risks and side effects!"

My husband to the infectious disease doctor: "Did you even know that gancyclovir was a black-box label drug?"
Infectious disease doctor: "It is?"

These were some of the pathetic and shocking statements we heard last week by 7 different doctors.

Now, I realize that we are rapidly losing our rights in this country, but at this very moment in time, we still have the right over our own bodies (as long as we are conscious and sane.). I still have the right to choose whether or not to swallow poison. My personal choice is to not now, not ever again, take the chemo-compound, cytotoxic drugs that have maimed and killed hundreds of thousands of people.
All sacrificed at the "alter of AIDS".
All to make others rich and feel prestigious.
This, my friends, is the epitome of evil. Rotten to it's very core.
Cell killing drugs for a supposed retrovirus, many say does not rightly exist. Retroviruses have long been known to do absolutely... nothing.
The wily "HIV" is the first.

As far as the doctors we've dealt with as of late, they all refused to perform an operation that I will literally need to continue to survive, because of my "lower immune status".
Are cancer patients, who have also been poisoned with chemo and have lower immunity, regularly refused surgery?
Are Jehovah's Witnesses who refuse blood also denied life-saving surgery?
Are trauma victims who come in sliced open and broken apart refused surgery based on the fact that they "might" end up with post-op infection?

The answer is "no".

This, my friends, is all about a power trip. These doctors had no issue with doing surgery AS LONG AS I would swallow their poison.

I would be pleased if you clicked on the link below and read over some of the side effects of these horrific drugs. Drugs that don't actually kill any "virus". They only kill you.

More to come.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Have you ever found yourself taking a long, horrific, and unexpected journey through the bowels of hell?
Has it ever even occurred to you that you may end up being forced into taking this little trip through the world of modern medicine?
Would you ever, in your wildest dreams, think that you would have to play a game, literally, with bargaining chips, to get a surgery that was rapidly becoming crucial to saving your life?

This is what I've been dealing with the past 2 weeks. The story is so long and horrifying, it would bring tears to the eyes of the strongest if I had the time to share every little detail.

I'm going to condense this into a nutshell, because so many people have asked and expressed the help and concern.
I tested "positive" on a non-specific antibody test called the "HIV" test back in 1996. (You may read my story in full, or listen to radio podcasts for the entire background here:
Although I was not in a considered "risk group", I believed in doctors, medicine, and tests.
I believed what they told me.  I willingly submitted to taking very toxic anti-retroviral drugs for 11 years, believing the entire time that I was infected with a deadly, killer virus.
Every single day, from June 1996-April 2007, I swallowed AZT, 3TC, Crixivan and then Sustiva.

After immense research into the genocidal world of HIV/AIDS, I quit all of these drugs in April 2007.
Since then, I have been on a journey trying to rebuild and repair the damage done by the black-box, nucleoside analogue, cell killing poisons. 

Overall, I have felt fairly well the past 3 1/2 years since quitting these drugs.
I lead a very active life. I jog. I am raising two teenagers. I'm involved in a number of different things that keep me busy. My husband and I will have our 20th wedding anniversary on Oct. 6th.

I am the AIDS establishment's worst nightmare.

The biggest problem that I've been struggling with since quitting these drugs is a large amount of damage to the gastrointestinal tract. I do not digest food well. I don't have much stomach acid. There is no peristalsis left in the colon. The colon appears almost "dead". And when I do move my bowels, it's all diarrhea. In the past 2 years, I've been dealing with an anal fissure, produced by struggling and immobility.
All of this is a direct result of drug damage from the "life-saving" ARV's.

About 6 weeks ago, I began to run fevers and had increased and constant rectal pain.
After 2 weeks, I went to see a colo-rectal surgeon who immediately took me up to surgery that day.
What he found was a fairly large rectal ulcer, about an inch by an inch, sitting near the sphincter.  It is eating it's way through the colon wall and into the vagina. Once the wall is breached, there will be cross-contamination and a recto-vaginal fistula is formed.
Side note: I had a recto-vaginal fistula in 1992 due to a botched episiotomy after delivery of my first child. So this is already a "weak" area.
The surgeon drained and debrided the wound and took biopsies.
His plan was to go back in over the next couple of months and do 2 or 3 more surgeries to lay skin grafts to repair the hole.

Three weeks after this initial surgery, I was still running low grade fever and experiencing pain.
I was admitted to the hospital for I.V. antibiotics.
Due to conflicting pathology reports, we are having the samples sent to an indepentant lab for review.
One sample found CMV in the wound,other samples were negative for all virus and bacteria. There is no evidence (from the blood cultures) of CMV, or anything else, anywhere in the body or blood.
I allowed them to run I.V. gancyclovir for 3 days while in the hospital. While on this BLACK BOX drug, I experienced exploding headaches, nausea, and vomiting, and an increase in liver enzymes.
They blamed all of that on "HIV" and CMV. I had them discontinue the drug, against their "better advisement" to me. I immediately felt better.

Due to my low CD4 count, which was always low while 11 years on the drugs, the surgeon then refused to go back in and do any more surgery.
UNLESS.......I submit to taking the BLACK BOX ARV's that almost killed me the first time around.
He, and no less than 7 other surgeons (and I.D. doctors) attempted to blackmail me into taking these drugs. Every surgeon I saw told me that they would not operate UNLESS I take ARV's.
These doctors looked me right in the face and told me that I was "on my last legs", would "never lived to see my daughter get married", and would be "dead any time now".
We have even had other consults this week since being out of the hospital. One doctor who refused to help told me that eventually the wound would perforate and I would bleed to death.
Thank you very much.

Up until just a few months ago, I was still incredibly active.
My (major) problem now is that I have an open wound, a hole, in the colon that will only get worse and cannot find one ethical surgeon ANYWHERE (so far) to step up to the plate and help repair this issue.
Although these doctors continue to tell me how immune suppressed I am, based on just a CD4 count, all of my other lab work is pretty good. It does not indicate a non-working immune system.
Not to mention, I do not get sick with anything.

At the moment, I am feeling okay, other than the pain. I am home. I am up and moving a lot. We are pursuing many options daily. So far though, we have not found ONE surgeon willing to do the right thing and fix a legitimate surgical problem.

So, I thank you all for your concerns and prayers. Our search continues.
I am alive and well (for the most part) but the situation will continue to worsen and could get desperate quickly if all help is refused. 

My advice: stay far away from the overwhelming evil of the AIDSMafia and consider very strongly before ever taking ARV's. The bullshit, the blackmail, and the terrorism involved in this genocidal scandal of the century is unlike anything I could ever imagine in my wildest dreams. 


Sunday, September 19, 2010

HIV drugs and damage

Don't be fooled! Chemo-compound, DNA terminating, black box, cytotoxic ARV's aimed at an unproven virus will NEVER, EVER boost your immunity and make you well.
You don't ever heal the body with toxic poisons.
Don't be bullied, terrorized, and fall victim to a very deadly medical/industrial/pharmaceutical complex largely run by the AIDSMafia that will call for your blood and death at every turn.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Western Blot

Still think this test is a "useful", "confirmatory" test? Want to risk your life on it?
Did you know that all of the antibodies used in this test show up in many other illnesses?
See below for the continuing fraud in the AID$ indu$stry:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


For anyone who doesn't yet realize how incredibly corrupt the AID$/pharma industry is, read the following:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

HAART exposed

Ever wonder why you've had such a hard time quitting those "life-saving" toxic poisons? I sure did!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To the "mommies" who don't want to be deceived

Although it's been quite a while since I've blogged (too many "ants in pants" to sit too long) I've had a number of requests from "mommies" seeking some truth. They have a wonderful site that has many excellent, active discussions about multiple topics. The large majority of these ladies seem to be very intelligent, questioning people who are doing their best to look out for their children and families.  This post, and the information it contains, is for you "mommies" that have requested it.
And believe me, I think you are anything but "just"!

Karri's "progression pictures" before, during, and after the "life-saving" drugs (as requested). Be sure to read the captions and dates on each picture:
 A "life-saving" drug that proved to be too toxic after it killed people in the U.S. Guess where we dump it now? And the winning answer is.......AFRICA!  I won't post the pictures, they're too horrific! You can find them if you want.

 The following is just the tip of the iceberg ladies. I salute you for not being lemmings. Please make sure to visit our page at:
"The important thing is to not stop questioning" Albert Einstein


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lindsey Nagel-Pharma Corruption-Death And Destruction-House Of Numbers:

If you aren't already familiar with the story of Lindsey Nagel and her family, you may be shocked at what you learn. Please see the following website and watch the 10 min video footage.
It's about time for a RETHINK!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rethinking AIDS booth promotes TRUTH and "House Of Numbers"

We just returned last night from another show. This show, in particular, we were asked to attend, because the organizers felt that our message was so important that it needed to be heard. For that, we are very thankful to them in supporting us.

We set up our "Rethinking AIDS" booth among the many other vendors who also had wonderful, "think outside the box" health and healing information to share. It became quite obvious to us as the day went on that most of the people in attendance had already had experience with "mainstream medicine", and had adequately been burned.
We spoke to many people who were very interested in the flaws behind the theory that HIV kills t-cells and causes AIDS. We discussed the non-standardization of the tests, we explained many of the numerous conditions that will cause a "positive antibody test" result,  we explained the fact that "HIV" has NEVER been properly isolated and purified, according the the rules of virology, how it fails Koch's Postulates, the huge indiscrepancies between "AIDS" in America and "AIDS" in Africa, the dangers of the highly toxic drugs...and much, much more.

We handed out many flyers promoting the fantastic, thought-provoking new film "House Of Numbers". Our audience was very excited to hear that this film had just made it's theatrical release, and would be on DVD soon. All were looking forward to seeing the movie and what "mainstream doctors, scientists, and researchers" from the past 25 yrs are now saying about HIV and AIDS.
This is surely a NOT TO MISS FILM when it becomes available in your area.
DVD release in May 2010 and Netflix is currently scheduled to carry it also.
For more information, please see:

Always remember, the TRUTH will remain the TRUTH, it doesn't change, just because you don't like it!

Anyway, we are looking forward to a wonderful year of exposure, and plenty more shows with our "Rethinking AIDS" booth. Now is the time for lives to be saved!
Please see pictures from the show here: