Friday, November 26, 2010

A Real Mental Challenge

Hi Friends,

I've been wanting to post an update on my situation, but I haven't really had any major changes to report yet.
So far, I've had 21 HBOT (hyperbaric) treatments and I've got to tell you, that this is one of the hardest mental challenges I've ever had to go through. Yes, the chamber is clear, so I can see out of it. Yes, I can watch T.V. or movies, but to lay inside this small capsule for 2 hours every single day, day after day after day.........well, it's overwhelming to say the least. No, I can't bring  a book in.
You'd think the longer I'm doing it, the more accustom to it I'd get. No, not really. I'm finding it harder and harder to gear myself up for it each day.
Now don't get me  wrong, this treatment is phenomenal. I've read many studies on HBOT and talked a lot with the doc's and tech's that run the center. And other patients too. They've had great success in using HBOT on many types of wounds. I've even been told of a number of other patients with wounds such as mine who've healed nicely with HBOT. Apparently, the first 20 treatments one doesn't see major changes, but the second set of 20-30 is where the big improvements come in.  Mine is an incredibly difficult area to heal. But I would say I'm about 10-15% better (on most days).

I'm continuing on with my other therapies as well. I.V. Vit C and glutathione plus UVBI - Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation therapy. My doctor and I are also discussing other treatments that have been shown to help repair michochondrial/cellular/DNA/organ damage.

Hey, here's one way to prevent massive amounts of damage to your system: STAY OFF "HIV" drugs.
The problems I've suffered physically, mostly G.I. tract damage, are directly related to 11 yrs of cytotoxic, poisonous, DNA-chain destroying drugs used against the mythical "HIV". The best way to avoid this is to stay away from mainstream doctors, especially infectious disease doctors. These people are completely ignorant of the science (or lack there of) surrounding anything "HIV" related. They will make every attempt to terrorize you, instill fear, use the most unbelievable intimidation tactics you've ever heard to make you submit. Believe me, my recent experience at an Orlando hospital would be enough to think that you were in a freaky sci-fi movie. I will write more in depth of my experiences in that hospital someday. You would be shocked to hear some of the statements that were made by the "doctors" there. Or maybe not.

There is no reason one would ever need to take drugs like these. If you are in poor health, or struggling with bacterial/fungal/microbial issues, find out why and treat it accordingly. Please consider very carefully before you willingly, or under great duress from fear and terror, put poison into your body.
And PLEASE don't listen to these quacks when they try to tell you that "all drugs have side effects". Yes, that's true. And sometimes side effects might be justified if you have a REAL infection that must be addressed.
"HIV" is NOT one of them.
Please, please, please, do your homework. Do your own due dilignece. My mission is to someday never hear another story about people like me. About people like many of you. We are survivors for a reason. It's to make a change. It's to help save lives.
Sometimes that requires being really open and honest about one's personal medical situation. I will continue to tell you everything I can about my experiences. And in turn, I pray that others will continue to question this false paradigm, do their own research, and be strong enough to make the right decisions for their personal health and well being.

Be Blessed!