Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
The following should address you apparent confusion surrounding ARV'S:

Anonymous: Or are you saying antriretrovirals are chemo? Because they are not. 

When people hear chemotherapy they generally think of cancer. But antibiotics are also chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is simply the treatment of disease with chemicals.

Antiretrovirals are indeed chemotherapy. In fact, there were 6 Gordon Research Conferences titled: Chemotherapy of AIDS.  You can find them at:

You can find a report that was written on the 1997 conference on the Chemotherapy of AIDS here:

and the 1999 conference here:

AZT, the quintessential ARV, was developed in the 1960s as cancer chemotherapy to kill human cancer cells. AZT is even used today to treat a variety of human cancers by non-specifically killing cells.

Anonymous: ARVs are highly specific meds. Each class targets specific enzymes that HIV requires to replicate. They do not indiscriminately kill other cells. 

The most obvious proof that the ARVs are not specific is the broad and general toxicities of these drugs, most prominently listed in the black box warning labels that accompany them. The DNA chain terminating nucleoside analogs have been shown to be incorporated into human DNA with the aid of a series of human enzymes. The HIV protease inhibitors are known to inhibit certain human aspartyl proteases and some cytochrome p450 enzymes in the liver.

The ARVs reliably kill the dividing cells in the bone marrow and intestines. You can find an extensive list of toxic effects of the ARVS here:

and here:

Anonymous: ARVs and chemo drugs are not even close pharmacologically. 

It is not possible to address this statement since it implies there is a typical or uniform or characteristic pharmacology of chemotherapy, which is clearly false.


  1. It's worth mentioning that cytochrome p450 enzymes are crucial to the detoxification function performed by the liver. If cytochrome p450 is inhibited by ARVs, the liver is less able to convert and eliminate toxic substances from the body, including the ARVs themselves. This helps explain why ARVS 1) have so many side-effects and 2) cause so much liver damage.

  2. I'd bet you an ARV wasting butt cheek implant that I can guess what blog this exchange with "anonymous" will be reposted at very soon.


    Keep us informed, Karri, but I hope you are also reserving most of your energy for yourself right now. The trolls will still be there after you recover from surgery.

  3. Karri,
    I have been following your updates, and just felt the need to say, that although we have never met, I admire you, I cherish your honesty and your wisdom. You are loved.