Sunday, September 19, 2010

HIV drugs and damage

Don't be fooled! Chemo-compound, DNA terminating, black box, cytotoxic ARV's aimed at an unproven virus will NEVER, EVER boost your immunity and make you well.
You don't ever heal the body with toxic poisons.
Don't be bullied, terrorized, and fall victim to a very deadly medical/industrial/pharmaceutical complex largely run by the AIDSMafia that will call for your blood and death at every turn.


  1. Due to massive drug damage for 11 yrs. the cellular integrity of the entire G.I. tract has been almost destroyed, causing me much strain and struggle over the years. This has caused an anal fissure that apparently has turned in to a crater/ulcer. It's at the base of the rectum. It's painful and has been constantly oozing blood/fluid/drainage for the past 6 weeks. It needs to be skin grafted before the colon wall collapses and turns into another recto-vag fistula.
    Colo-rectal surgeons in Orlando all refused to help based on a CD4 count. Which by the way, has ALWAYS been low.

  2. Have just listened to your radioperformance, dear Karri, I am overwhelmed by all kinds of emotions!! You are so brave, so courageous. which is really helping me right now, even though it may sound weird... (my story is "like hell" too, I need to breathe in your energy :) I just cannot understand that doctors won`t treat you unless you go back on arv`s??!! It almost makes me loose my mind thinking about it, where`s human rights, they want you to die? Not easy to sleep tonight, thinking about you, thinking about how impossibly unfair you are treated, Karri. You need treatment NOW, there must be someone who have the courage to perform the surgerty and treatment you need? Lots of love, hope & healing from me in Norway <3 <3 <3

  3. Dear Karri, I repeat myself: treatment is the MOST IMPORTANT for the time being, you have no time to loose, don`t wear yourself out with "fighting the system" right now. You`re doing a valuable and wonderful job in this area, but we want you to stay ALIVE, dearest Karri! ...and then you have to get the treatment you need NOW. There must be somebody who knows good doctors/ clinics who you can turn to? I am in Norway, a bit far away, but what about other "dissidents" in USA, closer to you?? Can somebody tell your story, while you yourself get treated? You need to REST *** and turn your health issues over to good doctors...SOMEBODY KNOW SOMEBODY??
    Lots of Love Line ************