Monday, January 25, 2010

Rethinking AIDS booth promotes TRUTH and "House Of Numbers"

We just returned last night from another show. This show, in particular, we were asked to attend, because the organizers felt that our message was so important that it needed to be heard. For that, we are very thankful to them in supporting us.

We set up our "Rethinking AIDS" booth among the many other vendors who also had wonderful, "think outside the box" health and healing information to share. It became quite obvious to us as the day went on that most of the people in attendance had already had experience with "mainstream medicine", and had adequately been burned.
We spoke to many people who were very interested in the flaws behind the theory that HIV kills t-cells and causes AIDS. We discussed the non-standardization of the tests, we explained many of the numerous conditions that will cause a "positive antibody test" result,  we explained the fact that "HIV" has NEVER been properly isolated and purified, according the the rules of virology, how it fails Koch's Postulates, the huge indiscrepancies between "AIDS" in America and "AIDS" in Africa, the dangers of the highly toxic drugs...and much, much more.

We handed out many flyers promoting the fantastic, thought-provoking new film "House Of Numbers". Our audience was very excited to hear that this film had just made it's theatrical release, and would be on DVD soon. All were looking forward to seeing the movie and what "mainstream doctors, scientists, and researchers" from the past 25 yrs are now saying about HIV and AIDS.
This is surely a NOT TO MISS FILM when it becomes available in your area.
DVD release in May 2010 and Netflix is currently scheduled to carry it also.
For more information, please see:

Always remember, the TRUTH will remain the TRUTH, it doesn't change, just because you don't like it!

Anyway, we are looking forward to a wonderful year of exposure, and plenty more shows with our "Rethinking AIDS" booth. Now is the time for lives to be saved!
Please see pictures from the show here:

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