Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Western Blot

Still think this test is a "useful", "confirmatory" test? Want to risk your life on it?
Did you know that all of the antibodies used in this test show up in many other illnesses?
See below for the continuing fraud in the AID$ indu$stry:


  1. I'm not sure why Dr. Claudia Kücherer in HON said the manufacturers determine how a WB is interpreted. As far as I know, they don' American the criteria used are those of any five organizations: FDA, CRSS, CDC, ARC and WHO. (Food and Drug Administration, Consortium for Retrovirus Serology Standardization, Centers for Disease Control, American Red Cross, and World Health Organization.)

    Mike Adams says, "Manufacturers of the HIV test...differ in how they define a [positive]...test...And the decision on which manufacturer's test to use is based on the opinion of the clinic, hospital or doctor ordering the tests."

    I doubt this. The manufacturers don't define the criteria, and I doubt the "clinic, hospital, or doctor" concern themselves at all about which test kit is used, but rather which lab they send the specimen to, and then that lab prefers to use a certain test kit.

  2. The lab technician does determine the result, and they take into consideration other factors than just the bloodwork in front of them. For instance, if you are gay, if you've had a transfusion, if you are from a certain country... This all comes in to play in their decision.