Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week One

No major changes yet. Just finished 5 days of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Everyone has very high hopes for that treatment, but it just takes time. Most likely 30-40 dives. Insurance is still giving us a hard time about paying.
All of the studies on it are amazing though.
I've read a good bit now about rectal ulcers and abscesses in the G.I. tract. (most of the studies are on patients that are not considered "HIV positive"). They all have extremely difficult times healing due to the fact that it's a "dirty" area. But, the ones that have hyperbaric treatment have had the most success in healing. 

Still in a lot of pain. My doc says that my body is incredibly strong with no major immune problems if it is able to create fevers and immune responses for this long.
Here's a little more information on Hyperbarics if anyone is interested:

My only advice to anyone newly "diagnosed" as positive on one of these extremely fraudulent "HIV" antibody tests:
Think very long and hard before you succumb to any of these cytotoxic, black-box drugs that will ultimately destroy you and all of your body systems.
Even though the large majority of the time I usually feel very good and lead a very active and busy life, my G.I.tract has most likely suffered irreparable damage from 11 years of chemotherapy. My only problems today are a result of those drugs.

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  1. One of the world's most experienced authorities on hyperbaric medicine Dr. Edgar End, clinical professor of environmental medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin had this to say : "I've seen partially paralyzed people half carried into the HBOT chamber, and they walk out after the first treatment. If we got to these people quickly, we could prevent a great deal of damage."