Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy World AID$$$$$$$ Fraud Day!

So, I'm just sitting here this morning thinking about the size of corruption and fraud that has been thrust upon the world over the past 25+ years in all that is "HIV". This little column today is dedicated to all of those that have lost their lives to the evil, wicked AID$ indu$try and have been poisoned to death by their "life-saving" drugs.
So, so many lives. Wasted. Murdered. All in the name of money$. Power. Prestige.
My heart is sad today for so many whose lives were cut short, all in the name of Gallo, Fauci, Moore, and the likes.
I'm not sure what must happen to a person to grow up and become like these men. Heartless. Cruel.
Fortunately, with the Internet and the massive amounts of information exchange these days, people are becoming aware of this fraud. Lives ARE being saved.

I'm thinking of other world-wide frauds that have been thrust upon the people over the years. Anyone care to comment on other atrocities and how long they lasted?

I am a firm believer that lies can only go on for so long.
Some of the people are ignorant all of the time, but not everyone is ignorant forever.
With so much excellent and damming information that can be easily accessed surrounding the junkscience about "HIV", the world IS waking up.

So today, in honor of the AID$ indu$trys most sickening day of the year, if you happen to pass by a booth or testing facility, I would enocurage each one of you to speak up, challenge them, and demand they be held accountable.
Unfortunately, most of the people working these events have NO IDEA of the real science surrounding their pet project.


  1. Karri wrote: "I'm thinking of other world-wide frauds that have been thrust upon the people over the years. Anyone care to comment on other atrocities and how long they lasted?"

    Sure, I'd love to. Here's an incomplete listing:

    Myth: Spermatorrhea

    Time span: 1760 to mid-20th Century

    Details: Masturbation and/or "excessive" loss of seminal fluids causes diseases including homosexuality, insanity, organ failure, premature death, dementia, and even BLINDNESS (I couldn't possibly make this up.)

    Rationale: Religious superstition adopted (or more accurately plagiarized) from Christian pamphlets, dressed up in medical terms, and passed off as "science". (Interestingly, even while plagiarizing religious superstition, the very same scientists simultaneously denounced it. All previous claims that masturbation caused blindness and other diseases were rooted in the Bible, but when Tissot and other scientists made the exact same claims, this was based on "sound science".) The "scientific" rationale given at the time was that loss of seminal fluid was as consequential as the loss of blood.

    Consequence: Children were sent to bed with their hands and feet bound, per doctors' instructions. If this failed to prevent masturbation, children could be severely punished. If this failed, surgical interventions were indicated, including circumcision (without anaesthesia) in males, and clitorectomy in females. "Treatment" in adults included urethral injections of caustic acid to cauterize the internal male anatomy. Physicians claimed a 100% cure rate for this particular treatment, since no patient who underwent the procedure ever returned to his doctor for further treatment (and no wonder, huh?)

    Reality: Masturbation, nocturnal emission, and other forms of ejaculation in both males and females are perfectly normal and evidence of healthy, functional sexual organs.

    Myth: Feminine hysteria

    Time span: From the time of Hippocates (5th Century BC) to the mid-20th Century -- 2,500 years.

    Details: Symptoms of hysteria included a feeling of heaviness and/or warmth about the groin, "excessive" vaginal discharge, and strong surges of emotion.

    Rationale: "Hysteria" is Greek for "wandering uterus" or "suffering uterus". It was believed that the uterus wandered the body, causing all sorts of mischief, and that women were helpless against the power of their maternal organ to literally make them "hysterical" in the original sense of the word.

    Consequence: "Treatment" of hysteria included a wide variety of options over the centuries, including beating the patient with wet towels, confining her forcibly to bed, public humiliation, hysterectomy, clitorectomy, electroconvulsive "therapy", drugging, and/or sexual molestation by her doctor under the pretext of medical care in the form of a procedure known as "manual uterine manipulation" (a wonderfully effective form of therapy, and arguably one of the lesser cruelties exacted against hysteria patients.) The vibrator was invented originally as a medical device for the treatment of hysteria.

    Reality: I'd give the reader three guesses as to what "disease" we're talking about, but I doubt the intelligent reader would need more than one. That's right, boys and girls, "hysteria" was nothing more and nothing less than normal feminine horniness. However, the diagnosis became a catch-all which came to include a wide variety of very real mental illnesses, so as an added consequence women with real problems were misdiagnosed and forced to undergo highly inappropriate "care", while any chance for appropriate care was eliminated by misdiagnosis.

    (cont'd below)

  2. (cont'd from above)

    Myth: Dark Matter

    Time span: 1930s to Present Day.

    Details: It is currently believed by most scientists that 4/5ths of the matter in our universe is so-called "Dark Matter" -- a form of matter which is invisible, has no substance, and does not interact magnetically, physically, electrically, or in any other way with other matter or light, except that it exerts gravitational force.

    Rationale: Stars at the outer rims of galaxies are observed to orbit at a much greater velocity than that which is predicted by Newtonian mathematics. At these speeds, they should theoretically be expected to be cast off into intergalactic space, yet they remain in orbit. Therefore, it is surmised, there must be some additional matter that we can't see in our universe, which increases the gravitational pull of galaxies.

    Consequence: American taxpayers have been bilked out of hundreds of millions of dollars (if not billions) over the years, to build a series of incrementally more sensitive (and exponentially more expensive) laboratories further and further under the ground, with which scientists hope some day to detect a single particle of the most plentiful substance in the universe. Total number of DM particles detected so far: Zero, but these failures have not resulted in *less* funding for this failed hypothesis, but rather the more these scientists fail in their search for Dark Matter, the *more* funding they are given to build the next laboratory with which they can fail to detect even a single particle of this mythical form of matter. (Only, of course, to demand even *more* funding for subsequent attempts, ad nauseum.)

    Reality: The increased velocity of these stars is easily explained by hypothesizing that Newton's original theory contained an extremely minor mathematical flaw, which didn't become evident so long as Newton wasn't measuring the orbital velocity of any celestial body further away than Jupiter, but which becomes evident when Newtonian mathematics is applied at interstellar and intergalactic scales. According to the principle of least hypothesis, it is safer to assume error in our theories (something which is extensively precedented in scientific history), than to hypothesize something that's unprecedented (ie that 4/5ths of the mass of our universe is made up of this almost totally undetectable form of matter.)

    Myth: Homosexuality is a disease

    Time span: ? - 1971

    Details: At various points in medical history, it has been held by scientists and doctors that homosexuality is a disease. In its later incarnations (circa mid-20th Century) it was held that homosexuality is a sexually-transmitted disease, passed from adult to child through the act of molestation.

    Rationale: Homophobia posing as science. Period.

    Consequence: Over the years, homosexuals (particularly gay males) have been subjected to a wide array of "therapy" for their "disease", including drugging, lobotomy, electroconvulsive therapy, confinement to insane asylums, torture, and/or castration. In the 20th Century, the medical myth that homosexuals reproduced through pederasty led to the assumption that every homosexual was a pedophile, which resulted in the criminalization of homosexuality, and the criminal prosecution and convictions on the flimsiest evidence of pederasty for many gays (particularly males). In the modern day, this myth lives on in two forms: 1) The "science" published by fundamentalist Christians who claim to be able to "cure" homosexuality; and 2) the HIV/AIDS myth.

    Reality: Homosexual "reproduction" occurs in about 10% of cases of heterosexual union resulting in live birth. (The other 90% of the time, the offspring is heterosexual.) Thus, homosexuality is no more a disease than the eye color that you inherited at conception.

    (cont'd below)

  3. (cont'd from above)

    Myth: The Y2K Bug

    Time span: 1980s - December 31, 1999

    Details: The world as we know it was supposed to end at midnight on December 31, 1999, when all the computers would crash, causing nuclear weapons to launch themselves, planes would drop out of the sky, banks would crash, the power grid would fail, and there would be riots in the streets.

    Rationale: In the early days of computing, the story was told that programmers had written code in which years were represented by two digits rather than four (e.g. "95" instead of "1995", with "19" to be tacked on for display purposes.) This was alleged to have become the standard for computer code, and as a result, on January 1, 2000, when computers' calendars rolled over to "00", the computers would all think that it was January 1, 1900 and they'd all just go berzerk.

    Consequence: In the last two years of the 20th Century, the economy (particularly the tech sector) was stimulated by mass panic, resulting in large numbers of panic purchases. As a result, earnings (particularly in the tech sector) increased exponentially during the period, causing Wall Street formulas to spit out unrealistic earnings projections, resulting in an enormous stock market bubble (now known as the "internet bubble" instead of what it really should be called -- a "Y2K bubble",) which popped in the first fiscal quarter of 2000, resulting in the worst economic decade since the Great Depression. An additional consequence is that Bill Gates got richer than God in the 1990s, and promptly in early 2000 began making his way quietly away from the software industry into his current vocation of AIDS philanthropy. As millions of investors in the NASDAQ lost fortunes, Gates merely moved his money from computer technology into AID$ and has gotten even richer in the interim.

    Reality: There was a grain of truth to the Y2K myth, but as history has already shown, the world is still here 11 years after "Y2K Day", and our computers didn't so much as hiccup at the turn of the millenium.

    This is, as I say, an incomplete listing of scientific blunders, past and present, which have resulted in undue suffering, fraud, waste, and/or abuse of science over the years.

    --- Gos
    --- "Their biggest mistake was to let me live..."

  4. Today in nemory of my friends i went to Positive Help in Edinburgh and spoke to Neil who is in his mid 40,s who works there and Lindsay who is 19.
    I use to volunteer for this group , out cutting grass and driving the volunteers around to different clients.
    I told them all about Gallo and what he did , how i came to find out about it all , how id read Celia Farbers report on Peter Deusberg , how they were awarded the Clean Hands Award after they where investigated by Clark Baker , how i came to find you Karri , and how , when i went to the hospital to confront the doctors on what id found out that they didnt want to know about any of it and just wanted to know if i wanted to be treated or not.
    Neil looked gobsmacked . I told him and lindsay not to take my word for anything id told them , but to do the research id spoke of for themself.
    I now carry copies of websites and names of people id researched for reference for others.
    Good riddance World Aids Day and all who sail in her.

    Andy Lindsay.