Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's ALL "HIV" anyway

Hi Friends,

I just wanted to share with you another quick update.
I saw my surgeon a few days ago and upon examination, he stated that the ulcer has shrunk down from the size of quarter to the size of a nickle. We are making progress. I attribute this to the hyperbaric chamber therapy. While it's still incredibly painful, and I still cannot sit, I suppose things are getting better.
It's been a really long and difficult road, and so much more of my life has been robbed from me in the past 4 1/2 months. Not only has my entire life ceased to function, but I've missed many events, including my 20th anniversary, Thanksgiving, and most likely Christmas this week.

Last week I had to go in for blood transfusions. I needed 4 units of blood, because these "doctors" have just let me bleed nearly to death the past few months. I'm still bleeding sporadically. When I asked the surgeon what else can be done, his reply was..."you'll just have to learn to live with the pain, bleeding and drainage. It's ALL "HIV" anyway."
What an ass. If it were his wife, I don't think think that answer would have been nearly as acceptable.
I've never dealth with so many completely ignorant people in my entire life as in the past few months.

Luckily, I do have a local doctor here who has helped me tremendously. I don't know what I'd do without his expertise and guidance. 

All for now. Many blessings to all the truth fighters out there.
And please, don't write me askiing if I think you should take these "life-saving" drugs or not.

Merry Christmas,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

And why I do what I do!

I received this letter from an on-line Facebook friend this morning. I thought it was well worth printing here, because of the importance of it.
I'm sure either many of you have received letters like this before, or had people at least thinking this way of you. You are all such heores in this great battle for truth.
ALL KINDS of truth!!
Please continue to be bold, share, and keep doing what each on of you is called to do. Make sure to read the very last paragraph.

I know you have a lot going on right now and I sincerely hope you are doing well. I've been trying to keep up with your blogs- hope that the chamber will work for you soon- two hours in a tube sounds good to me on crazy busy days but I know in reality it must be tough.

Anyways, I am just wanting to say THANK YOU.

My husband has recently had a health scare and we had to spend a few days in the hospital undergoing some rather scary tests etc. He's still out of work and still in the "undiagnosed" stages but we are hopeful it isn't serious.

The fact is... before knowing your story I wouldn't have thought twice about questioning anything that the dr's or nurses wanted to give him or do to him. I'd have let them hook up IV's and give him injections under the assumption that "dr knows best".

Instead- I questioned everything (shocking how you ask "What is in that IV and what is it for?" and the nurse says, "uhhh ummm... I don't know.") I didn't allow them to do any tests until I RESEARCHED THEM myself. I sent them away when they tried to give him blood thinners, stool softeners, and the "I don't know" fluids. I even felt educated, confident, and bold enough to tell a doctor off in front of the entire cardiac wing and the nurses station. LoL

She wanted to drug my husband into cooperation... I told her she better have enough shots for herself and me too because it was about to get UGLY. ROFL Cracked the nurses up!

I really do want to thank you for sharing your story and all the links about the corruption not just in the world of "hiv" but in several areas of the health care industry.

I was just another trusting sheep for so many years... thanks to your willingness to share you story and your advocating for what is "true" so many things have changed for me.

We are also trying to implement more "healthy" eating - slow going as we have been doing it wrong for soooo long- but I appreciate your sending me all the right links to get me started at least. =)

I truly believe that at one point your story helped save my husbands life- because when they came in with the blood thinner they planned to also give him aspirin- which he is allergic to! Had I just sat back compliantly and asked nothing- he might not be here now.

So, again, thank you. Sorry for rambling so long- I am just very, very appreciative.

Best wishes to you and your family and I pray for your recovery and for strength to continue those two-hour-tube treatments!
I am not sure if you were ever one to make up stories as a kid- but since you can't read a book maybe you could "write" one in your head while you lay there? =) 

Thanks so much Karri and Blessings Always!

PS- today at the new dr he underwent more blood work- upon being asked if he'd been tested for HIV and would he consent to one - we both yelled "NO!" and the dr smiled and said, "Why not?" and I began explaining all I've learned about the "hoax" ... he actually winked and said "You are a smart cookie." I think we are going to like him very much! LoL

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy World AID$$$$$$$ Fraud Day!

So, I'm just sitting here this morning thinking about the size of corruption and fraud that has been thrust upon the world over the past 25+ years in all that is "HIV". This little column today is dedicated to all of those that have lost their lives to the evil, wicked AID$ indu$try and have been poisoned to death by their "life-saving" drugs.
So, so many lives. Wasted. Murdered. All in the name of money$. Power. Prestige.
My heart is sad today for so many whose lives were cut short, all in the name of Gallo, Fauci, Moore, and the likes.
I'm not sure what must happen to a person to grow up and become like these men. Heartless. Cruel.
Fortunately, with the Internet and the massive amounts of information exchange these days, people are becoming aware of this fraud. Lives ARE being saved.

I'm thinking of other world-wide frauds that have been thrust upon the people over the years. Anyone care to comment on other atrocities and how long they lasted?

I am a firm believer that lies can only go on for so long.
Some of the people are ignorant all of the time, but not everyone is ignorant forever.
With so much excellent and damming information that can be easily accessed surrounding the junkscience about "HIV", the world IS waking up.

So today, in honor of the AID$ indu$trys most sickening day of the year, if you happen to pass by a booth or testing facility, I would enocurage each one of you to speak up, challenge them, and demand they be held accountable.
Unfortunately, most of the people working these events have NO IDEA of the real science surrounding their pet project.