Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You Can Not Clean The Vaccine

Many thanks to my friend Laura for posting this very important information on her site. It believe it is so valuable, I'm borrowing it for my blog :

We have been taught that vaccines are weak solutions of virus, alive or dead, that are injected to invoke an immune response to that particular virus so that our bodies can make antibodies against it.
We assume it is a clean solution without contamination. This is not the case.

We are never told that the vaccine cannot be separated from cell debris of the live cells on which it is grown. Viruses are not independant living organisms. They cannot be multiplied outside a living cell. Sometimes eggs are used, sometimes monkey kidney tissue, sometimes cancer cells. Cancer cells? Surely not. Yes, indeed, cancer cells divide and grow forever, which is what makes them cancerous. It also makes them useful for growing industrial quantities of vaccine.

So how do they separate the virus for the vaccine from the rest of the living tissue? Well, they can push it through an ultra-fine filter that only allows the tiny viruses through. All the big bits and regular bacteria which might be contaminating the 'soup' should be excluded. All the small bits like the virus, any other contaminating viruses from the cells, nanobacteria, mycoplasmas and cell debris including broken bits of cell wall, DNA, whatever, pass through the filter. So how are those separated?

Uhm, they aren't. They get injected.

The following extracts are from the book Fear of the Invisible
by Janine Roberts

“All ways of making vaccines have their dangers. Dr Hayflick, a well-reputed scientist involved for many years with vaccines, described how the ‘Primary Culture' method of taking cells from ‘sacrificed animals' or bird embryos ran into problems when ‘it became apparent that these cells contained many unwanted viruses, some of which were lethal to humans.' He noted: ‘Latent viruses were such a problem with primary monkey kidney cells that a worldwide moratorium on the licensing of all polio virus vaccines was called in 1967 because of death and illnesses that occurred in monkey kidney workers and vaccine manufacturing facilities'. The contaminating virus then blamed was the deadly Ebola. This was most serious, but again I could find no record of the public being informed about this suspension or the Ebola. "

"Dr Heyrick told of how the eminent Dr Maurice Hilleman, the scientist I had earlier interviewed about the MMRvaccine, had used what he thought was an ‘intestine-based cell line' to make an adenovirusvaccine, only to discover to his horror that his cell line had been invaded and taken over by the aggressive cervical cancer virus known as HeLa.

I also learnt that DNAfragments contaminating vaccinelots might be from dead cells but nevertheless remained extremely active and dangerous. Dr Golding feared they might combine with other genetic codes contaminating the vaccine lots - and thus create a mutant viral strain that could even get in the individual doses of vaccine.

The removal of this contaminating DNA has proved impossible. The US government in 1986 recommended a weight limit for contaminating DNAof 100 picograms per vaccine dose. But the manufacturers could not meet this safety recommendation, as was explained at this Workshop. Their failure again led the government to relax its standards, applying the 100 picograms limit solely to vaccines produced from cancerous cells, and allowing one hundred times as much contaminating DNA(10 nanograms) in vaccinesproduced on other types of cells. But the meeting was told that vaccine manufacturers now admitted they could not meet even this lower standard of ‘purity.' Thus high levels of hazardous DNA pollution remain in many vaccines.”

So, you must be wondering why you haven't been told about this before.
How do you feel about going for a booster vaccine right now? An annual flu shot?

Okay friends... thoughts, comments? How many of you out there have had vaccines? All of them? Some of them? Knowing what you know now, would you do it again, even if you haven't experienced any undue harm from them? Do you believe they've "helped" you? "Protected" you?  Have you vaccinated your children? If so, would you do it again?
Do you think that vaccines are really that important against the spread of disease? Would the large majority of us do well without being vaccinated?
Yes, no, why, why not? 

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  1. According to official mortality reports, the rate of death for most infectious diseases was already negligible by the time the vaccine for the disease arrived on the scene. That vaccines have saved humanity is a bit of a myth. That they are seriously harming our immune and nervous systems us by causing us to respond to a never-ending list of viruses, bacteria, vaccine contaminants and neurotoxic chemicals has, in my opinion, become pretty clear, despite what our governments keep telling us.