Friday, January 8, 2010

Little Blue Boxes

And so it is, another recycling day in our neighborhood. It comes around every week, once a week. Always on Fridays. I notice recycling day each Friday, not only because my husband puts out our little blue box at the curb, but also because I (try to) go out for my morning jog every day. So there they are, little blue boxes, all over the neighborhood, sitting at everybody's curb.

Now, please forgive me if I sound judgmental. I'm not. I'm really not at all. It's just that, well, here's the thing that, for some strange reason, REALLY bugs me on recycling day.

All the CRAP I see in people's little blue boxes.

You know, all the things that are being passed off as "food". I call them "foodstuffs". Things that come in boxes, cardboard, plastics, things with straws attached, packaging with cartoon characters and brightly colored wrapping. The little blue boxes are literally overflowing with a mountain of toxic, man-made items. All things that these unsuspecting homeowners have consumed, taken in to their bodies, and used as "nourishment".
When I pass by the little blue boxes, it looks like they have vomited up a chemical soup. As I glance over at each one, just out of sheer curiosity,  I expect to see the blue box vomit, bubble, if the box itself is trying to get rid of the poison that has been thrust upon it.
I don't think the little blue boxes knew what they were getting themselves in to when they signed up for the job.
The ad probably read something like this:  Eco-friendly job, help save the environment, work in a nice neighborhood....etc
I sometimes wonder if they knew what they were signing on for.

I also wonder if the homeowners knew what they "signed on for" when consuming all of the "foodstuffs" in their chemical soup that's sitting out at the curb. I wonder, I really and truly do wonder. I am of the opinion that surely, certainly, everyone MUST know by now the consequences of  a diet and lifestyle filled with garbage. Toxins, chemicals, poisons...all man-made in laboratories. Things that have long since been proven to be dangerous to the body, to cause cancers, to make people sick.

By the "puke-in-the-box", it's quite obvious which of these houses contain children. The helpless. The ones that don't get to choose. Then I really begin to wonder. Is it actually possible that these humans have no idea what they are doing to their children, let alone themselves? Is that really possible, in this day and age?

And then I feel a sense of sadness. And I think about all of the unnecessary suffering that takes place due to ignorance or choice.
And I want to SHOUT IT to the world, "Hey, don't you know what you're doing to yourself?"  "Don't you realize all of the undue pain and suffering you will most likely go through because of the choices you are making today?".
I realize that most of these decisions are made purely out of convenience. Sometimes out of choice. Sometimes out of just plain, good 'ole  ignorance. Sometimes just because people are unwilling to change.

That's a tough one for most. It usually comes down to a life or death situation to prompt change. Even then, I have met people that are still unwilling. Even after understanding the consequences.

Have you experienced anything lately that has caused you to "change", for the better?

In my next post, I will be discussing a little bit about what you can do to build your immunity and keep yourself healthy, to the best of your ability, in a very toxic world.


  1. I used to think something was wrong with us because our blue recycle bin is rarely full, while some neighbors need 2 or 3 of them each week.

    You've helped me realize that maybe it's because we buy so very little pre-packaged "food-like" substances or other consumer products.

  2. So glad to hear it! I hope this contributes to you being around for a very long time, so someday we can meet!

  3. Fantastic post Karri. Since I've moved to Taiwan I've learned so much and changed my ways so much. I remember talking to my taxi driver, he and his family (including grandkids) never eaten McDonalds food. How many Americans can say that?

    Recycling is huge thing here. I rarely see pizzy boxes.

  4. upps I meant Pizza boxes. not pizzy.