Sunday, January 10, 2010


For those of you that are not familiar, "House Of Numbers" is an in-depth, thought provoking film by  young Canadian filmmaker Brent Leung, coming to a theater near you.
It is about to have its theatrical release, as well as a DVD release. (check your Netflix queue as well as
This film follows the history of the HIV theory over the past 25 yrs. Mr Leung interviews the top names in HIV "science" while he asks many questions about the problems, inconsistencies, and discrepancies surrounding the unproven theory that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS.
Unfortunately, he leaves with many more unanswered questions than he came with.
Please watch the trailer to this film and try to catch it on the "big screen". It will leave you wondering "What if everything I thought I knew about HIV and AIDS was wrong?"

The following is a very fair, unbiased, and well written review of the movie
Please read Dr Charles Geshketer's thoughts on the film: 

Please see my personal journey 'through the AIDS Machine' here:

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  1. I mistakenly referred to Mr Leung as an "American" filmmaker. I have been reminded that he is indeed Canadian and the correction has been made above.