Thursday, December 31, 2009

Junk In The Trunk

Today, as we approach the start of yet another New Year, I've been thinking a lot about "junk". You know, "junk in the trunk". We've all got some. I'm speaking metaphorically, of course. If you were thinking physically, then consider getting to the gym more often this year. But that might be for another show.

Your "junk" might be some of that really heavy luggage that you've been dragging around for so long. You know the "junk" I'm talking about. It's probably your most favorite "junk", packed neatly in your biggest and best suitcase. It's folded up in there nice and pretty, so it doesn't wrinkle. You NEED to keep it safe cause you never know when you might want to unpack it, pull it back out, and really dig in to it. Rehash all your old junk. Sift through it, relive every moment you've spent with it, maybe even feel sorry for yourself and your "junk". And when you're done, you'll pack it right back up, just the way you've always kept it.......until you two need to meet again.

"Junk" takes on many different forms. For instance today, when I was not even a little bit hungry, I dug in to the bag of "organic" corn chips. And I ate quite a few. I didn't want to believe at the time that they were pure "junk", doing nothing healthy for me at all, even though I knew better, because at LEAST the were "organic", right?  I was enjoying my junk.
So there you have it........."organic junk", passed off as being safe.
Oh how often we enjoy our "junk".

My home is filled with "junk". Really. I'm a trash-to-treasure kind of girl. I've spent a lot of time in the past scouring the "junk shops" to find my little piece of treasure. And it's usually total, complete junk. But I very often see the beauty behind the "junky" exterior. I have purchased many items deemed worthless, broken, junk and transformed them in to things of beauty. A little love, inspiration, paint, and a fun spirit....and you've just created the most beautiful "junk".
So there you have it........."one girl's trash is another girl's treasure-- junk".
Creative "junk".

Is there someone in your life that treats you like "junk"? Worthless, unimportant, unworthy, unloved.........
Maybe today is trash day. Check your calendar.

I am also reminded of  the term "junkscience". There seems to be a lot of that out there these days. Maybe there always has been. I don't know. I don't think so though.
Junkscience is the combining of actual scientific study whose ways have been rigorously shown to work when performed correctly, combined with falsehoods, half-truths, assumptions, and unsuccessful attempts, most often driven by the love of money, greed, power, and prestige. The list of actual "junkscience" theory is well worth discussing.......but that will be for another show.
This can be one of the most deadly types of "junk".

My questions for you are this:
How much of your "junk" do you really enjoy? How much of your own personal "junk" are you just not willing  to part with? How much of your "junk" makes you feel safe and secure?  How much of your "junk" is dragging you down? How much of your "junk" are you just plain addicted to?
How much better off would you be this year if you left your junk behind?
Maybe if you set it on fire? Maybe if you buried it somewhere out in the desert, in a deep, deep hole, and you wore a blindfold so you didn't know where you'd buried it. Just so you could NEVER dig it back up again. Of course, you'd need a driver.  

I've been thinking how wonderful it is to be purchased as something considered "total, complete junk", to be
deemed "worthless, broken, and useless", and then to be loved so much that you are transformed in to a thing of beauty. A treasure. Someone that gives and receives inspiration and love.

You know my friends, the only way to start this process is to begin ridding your life of the "junk", no matter what form it takes.

JUNK=Just Useless Nonsense Kept

May the coming 2010 be a life changing, thought-transforming one,
Love to all


  1. This post makes me think about how much "junk" I still have, despite my best efforts to clean it out over the last few years.

    Some of that junk is in my basement, and some of it is still in my head.

    Thanks for inspiring me to consider making a New Year resolution after all!

  2. It's so much easier to live a life without, or with little, junk.

    To get rid of the junk, it helps to occupy ourselves with something positive that does not leave time for dealing with old, useless stuff. The junk falls automatically by the wayside, never to bother us again.