Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Beginning

So here I am...... blogging. Technically, I am totally computer illiterate, so this could prove to be a difficult task some days, the days when my husband is not around to help.
To be completely honest, I HATE to write. Even grammatically, writing is not my strong suit, so please don't tell me about my run-on sentences or poor use of punctuation.
But, I LOVE to talk. And sometimes I even have some valuable things to say, so I'm giving it a shot.

I think about a wide variety of topics, all the time. Many nights I can't sleep just because my brain is "always running". My goal here is to share information, throw out topics, some controversial, that I will be seeking responses to, asking "reader questions", talking about the latest books I've read, or the latest scandals out there.

As for me personally, I have been married since 1990 to my husband, Joe, the most wonderful and perfectly suited man in the world for me. We have two children, Colleen (17) and Jack (14).
I have homeschooled them throughout their whole lives and because of this, I think it has made them out-going, talkative, thinking, questioning, personable, world-wise young adults. They both currently attend the local college on dual-enrollment. It has been a most wonderful journey the three of us have taken together! One I would not trade for the world.
I am a dog lover (we have 4) and a 75% raw/living foodist.

I also have "AIDS", according to the establishment. I have "supposedly been infected" since the late '80's, I took the drugs for 11 yrs, discovered the truth surrounding the HIV theory, quit all of the meds in April 2007, and have since regained my health.
I will be blogging about this journey as well. You may see my story in full, with many pictures at:

Stay with me on this, I find your thoughts and opinions valuable.

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  1. Good move, even if you dont like it you have to write :-P
    You need to spread the word, you are an inspiration
    looking forward to more from you
    Best of luck